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Rushing Water - Frequently Asked Therapy Questions

Frequently Asked Therapy Questions

Counselling Questions clients often ask me, answered.

1. I am nervous of talking about some of my issues. Will you judge me? 


​It is natural to feel nervous about sharing your inner world with somebody else. I try to create a safe space to help facilitate this, by holding a compassionate and non-judgmental view. It is not my place to judge your actions as only you know what is best for you and what feels good. If you are fearing judgment, it often means you struggle with judgment towards yourself - my goal is to help you decrease this judgment you have towards yourself for how you think and feel. Also, we proceed in therapy only at the pace YOU feel comfortable with, meaning you will decide how much to share with me, when you want to share it and what we do next.

​2. How long do I come to therapy for?


As you can imagine, this question can't be answered in a general way that would apply to everyone because each of us is so different. Sometimes we want to dig deeper into our emotions to develop greater self-awareness, whereas some might want to focus on solving a particular problem or acute crisis. Thus the time spent in therapy will depend not only on your personal needs and what kinds of issues you want to work on, but also your level of commitment and motivation.


3. Am I weak for going to therapy?


Not at all - In fact, wanting to work on your issues and develop better insight into yourself takes courage and bravery, as often people might feel it easier to go on not dealing with their problems. Once energy is created it can't be destroyed, so emotions or experiences that we push away and don't process end up coming out in relationships, and the way we handle other difficulties. Since we can't change the things we don't acknowledge, talking them through with someone is a sure-fire way to help facilitate healing. 

4.How does talking to you differ from talking to a friend or family member?


While confiding in a friends/family can be a great comfort, they are unable to separate themselves from you emotionally, making it difficult to avoid giving advice or their opinions. As stated previously, this is not my task, as I am more focused on helping you develop trust in yourself through exploring what decisions and choices you feel most comfortable making. I use evidence-based therapies that help me facilitate this, and focus on getting to the root cause of what is upsetting you, thus teaching you how you can best manage feelings going forward. Another piece is that therapy is completely confidential, which may not always feel is the case with friends/family.

5. How can I get the most out of my time with you?


Your motivation is a factor in the efficacy of the therapy as well as your commitment to exploring your inner thoughts and feelings. I will see you on either a weekly or bi-weekly basis in order to help you develop these new and healthy habits. Practicing skills between sessions and being as open and honest as possible is crucial to therapeutic success, as is being honest about what is working or not working during our sessions.

6. What happens during a therapy session with you?


Every session is unique and can go differently for each person. My goal is to tailor my specific approach to your needs and use my training to assess what is best for each individual. Sometimes we discuss your feelings/thoughts while other times I might teach you new coping skill or share some psychoeducation. Whatever you bring to session, it is my job to work collaboratively with you to develop the best way to approach and deal with it. 


7. Since I am seeing you online, will my therapy be less effective?


There is little difference between online therapy and in-person therapy. Studies show that counselling online is as effective as counselling in-person and provides some distinct benefits people who can't leave their house, or relax or feel safe in novel environments. Another point is online counselling is obviously more convenient/flexible for clients who lead busy lifestyles and I see clients in the evenings in order to provide greater convenience for those that work or go to school during the day.


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