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Trauma Therapy


We have all experienced something deeply disturbing or a trauma. At times our brain likes to circle back to those memories as a way to try to protect us from future harm. These are called flashbacks and unfortunately disrupt our ability to be present in the here and now.


Trauma causes destabilization as we try to make sense of our experience and what has happened. Strong reactions to situations that other people deem extreme is often an indication that a past event has altered how we see our current reality or the situation. It's not uncommon to be labeled as  'overreacting,' or 'being too sensitive,' unfortunately furthering the already deep shame-cycle that comes out of trauma.

In working with me, I would hope to help you develop greater acceptance and understanding of what's happened to you, teach you to be able to dispel the shame, self-blame and inner critic, and teach you how to shift the negative view you've developed about yourself and the world. Processing flashbacks, increasing self-esteem & self-compassion, processing grief & self-blame, are all central to this type of therapy, as is teaching emotional regulation techniques (i.e., grounding in order to feel safe in the present or in our bodies). Trauma therapy is about understanding and accepting what happened to us and is about learning how to lead a life without a fear of the past repeating. 


Building coping skills typically precedes the retelling of traumatic memories in an effort to preserve one's capacity to cope. Trauma therapy is gentle by meeting you where you are at, allowing you to discover and build healthy coping skills at your own pace that are uniquely yours.

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