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Adult ADHD & Behavioural Interventions

Adult ADHD & Behavioural Interventions

Adult ADHD is so prevalent now due to constant switching between our devices that it disturbs and breaks down our ability to focus our attention on a single task. Our brain was not designed to constantly switch to different tasks every few minutes, making it harder and harder to stay focused on a task without needing a break.


Behavioural interventions for ADHD can involve CBT therapy, changing the way you feel by changing the way you think, along with other behavioural modifications such as making a schedule, and using rewards. People who suffer from ADHD often do not receive the same cognitive rewards as those that do not suffer from the disorder, which decreases motivation and the desire to complete tasks and see them through to completion.


The most well known symptom of ADHD is difficulty focusing but the difficulties typically span further and deeper than just that; Difficulty with relationships, impulse control and erratic behaviour that can be destructive is not uncommon, as your making decisions or responding to things before being able to think through the consequences. Slowing down this process and bringing awareness in, is usually helpful.


Medications for ADHD can help symptoms but they do not cure the disorder, which is where behavioural modifications come into play. Making behavioral changes augments the faulty neural pathways that have developed as a result of certain behaviours, eventually making lasting changes in the brain. 

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