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Somatic Therapy

Somatic Therapy for Trauma


Somatic therapy is a powerful way to connect with emotions through the body. Trying to avoid certain emotions can sometimes mean they end up being hidden and trapped behind pain or tension. The focus of this therapy is to bring hidden emotions out of the body and into our minds for processing. 

Our body tells us what is going on but repressing our emotions can sometimes result in the manifestation of these symptoms into something physical (tingling, pain, stiffness, inflammation, imbalances). Somatic therapy is the process whereby you attempt to break free of the physical symptoms and their constraints by bringing awareness of what emotions lie beneath.

Somatic therapy pairs great with trauma therapy as it is another mode of processing highly intense and overwhelming emotions (which are often repressed, manifesting in the physical realm). This can be a great way to move towards and then through dissociative experiences, as it is difficult to be dissociated when in deep connection to your inner being. 

In working with me, we would focus on increasing the connection to the body through developing an awareness and understanding of what emotions or narratives lie behind the sensations/pains/tensions. Although uncovering trapped emotions can be destabilizing, (as it's often the first time we truly see something), it proves to be highly rewarding with lasting emotional and physiological benefits.

Working somatically with me is usually integrated with talk therapy and can take the form of 5-20 min meditations where we explore body sensations and their meaning. We also might use imagery, art or objects to find ways to connect with your inner being and feel its true energy.

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